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>What has trump done for white america?
Eased up regulations, causing a construction boom the US hasn’t seen in decades.
>Lowest Wages up
>tax cuts
>Building the wall. Mexicans are scared to work illegally
>Decreased Illegal Immigration overall by getting Mexico involved at the southern border.
>Lowest unemployment ever recorded
>White people’s savings and Retirement acct.s drastically increasing

It’s because the city rats overwhelmingly vote democrat. And because they live so close together, they can risk speaking up against the horde. In the rural areas it’s very red, but the two main cities have gutted this state. All this beautiful land and some of the ugliest people occupy it. Tragic really.

From 4Chan — It does not matter who becomes president, we will win anyway. If drumpf wins then there will be riots and people will see more and more how dindus and lefties are. If the kiddie sniffer wins the world would go into a decline and be more and more degenerate and people will see that aswell.

4chan –
>election ends up being within 2 EVs
>recounts out the ass
>goes to scotus
>trump wins
>everybody mad